Lazy Budget Chef: May 2015

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

18 Unusual Father's Day Gift Ideas Dad Will Love!

Father’s Day is coming up. I’m stumped for good Father’s Day gift ideas as usual. I’ve done all of the stereotypical gifts for Dads.
  • Grilling gifts? Check
  • Golf and sports team gifts? Check.
  • Pity doodads, ties, and cuff links Dad doesn’t have much if any use for? Check, check, and double check!
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18 of the Best Father’s Day Gifts Ever!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

How Do Foodies with Food Allergies Eat in Restaurants?

Is it possible for a person with food allergies and intolerances to dine out in a restaurant with normal people and not have a reaction? Seriously I want to know.

As someone who is lactose intolerant and it is so severe I’m getting tested for a probable dairy allergy I’m leaning towards no.

And that makes me very, very sad.

can food lovers with allergies still eat in restuarants