Lazy Budget Chef: April 2012

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ethiopian Anniversary Dinner

Husband and I celebrated 15 glorious years of wedded foodie bliss last week. One of things we love most about each other is our adventurous enthusiasm about food. High end, low end, authentically ethnic or not if it tastes good, we eat it!

Husband and I met during new performer orientation at The Ohio Renaissance Festival. As we sat next to each other lunch, Husband picked on the sprouts on my sandwich because everyone else at the table was picking on him for assembling his sandwich from ingredients he pulled from his refrigerator and quickly stashed into a cooler.

We’ve been making fun of each other ever since.

Husband and I became accidental foodies. During our Early Marriage, Early Career,Trying to Pay Off Bills Days, Husband and I shopped for fun and inexpensive and interesting ingredients at the plethora of mom and pop ethnic grocery stores in Columbus(thanks to Ohio State)

We experimented and learned how to make real food, real quick, and on a budget. Now we travel the world via our dinner table any night we choose.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Dijon BBQ Sliders Recipe

Right now I am not a Lazy Chef but a Too Bummed to Cook on Blitzkrieg Chemo Nights Chef. The difference is that as a Lazy Chef, I don’t have time to cook majorly elaborate real food meal and as a TBtCoBCN Chef I just stare at the kitchen, hoping the food will prepare itself on Blitzkrieg’s chemotherapy days.

Then poof! A little happy email hit my mailbox with a Dijon-BBQ Sliders Recipe that solved the feeling too blah to make dinner dilemma. This recipe takes less than 30 minutes to make and is a different take on BBQ, which I appreciate. Husband is the BBQ King of our condo. I can take or leave most of it.

So I made it. Although I used leftover chicken Husband made for an earlier meal instead of the rotisserie chicken in the original recipe. I also shredded cabbage and carrots I had on hand instead of coleslaw mix.

It was good.

Dijon BBQ Sliders Recipe

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Low Lactose Yogurt with Gluten Free Granola so Yummy You’ll Eat it More Than Once

Yogurt is a comfort food. It’s a quick meal/snack. I depend on yogurt as a substitution when I cook for the brother in law who has a sour cream allergy. Apparently, people considered it a big party foul if I use sour cream to make a vegetable dip and end up sending him to the hospital. Not that I have or want to because I like the guy.

I pitched a fit when I realized I had to stop eating yogurt because it contains lactose.

My friends at The Balancing Act asked me if I wanted to try Alpina Yogurt. I was ready to decline because it wouldn’t be fair.  I’d automatically have to pan it because some lactose filled foods kill my stomach.

Two things about Alpina Yogurt made me change my mind:

  • Alpina Restart Yogurt comes with Udi’s certified Gluten Free Granola. I have a newly gluten free friend. I am always on the lookout for opportunities that allow me to find food options for her. Between the two of our food issues, my lactose intolerance is nothing compared to her gluten intolerance. Gluten is in everything!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hit With the Cancer Stick

There is no way to sugar coat this. I just have to say it.

Blitzkrieg has cancer.

My world is crumbling.

Blitzkrieg was snoring and snorting more heavily than usual. He was due for a routine vet check. Our vet didn’t find anything enlarged or unusual. We thought it was his seasonal allergies since mine are also working overtime with the early warm weather. While we checked out, Husband insisted we make a grooming appointment.

I’m so glad Husband insisted we make a grooming appointment.

 When you travel, you should take a friend. This is Bear. He is my first toy and best friend.

Two weeks later, we drop Blitzkrieg off at the vet for his grooming appointment. Later that day, we get a call from the groomer telling us one of Blitzkrieg’s broken teeth (from his abused like a punching bag days) is infected past the gum line. She asks if the vet can pull it. Of course. Maybe this is why Blitzkrieg was snoring heavier than usual?

We get a second call from the vet. Blitzkrieg’s tonsils are swollen. They wanted our permission to do a biopsy – absolutely!

Of course the next thing I did is what we all do - I researched tonsillitis in dogs on the Internet. Turns out tonsillitis in dogs is different than it is in humans. They don't remove dog tonsils. Tonsillitis in dogs is usually a symptom of a bigger problem. Husband and I freaked.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chivy Egg Salad Recipe

I put myself through college. One semester I didn’t buy a meal plan to save money. I became a decent dorm room cook with the help of a few not quite dorm approved small kitchen appliances.

Sandwiches were (and are) my lunch mainstay. On those occasions when I bought a carton of eggs for a recipe, I had to come up with something that used the rest of the carton quickly else it would spoil in my tiny dorm room refrigerator. Hello egg salad!
Here is a great egg salad recipe you can make in a dorm room with nothing more than electric teakettle. Of course, if you have a real live kitchen don’t let that stop you from making this recipe too.

Chivey Egg Salad Recipe