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Quick and Easy DIY Car Air Freshener Hack

I use a vent clip air freshener in my car keep the inside of my car from stinking up the joint in between cleanings. My personal go-to is t his Fabreeze car vent air freshener , but I also love the scent of these Yankee Candle car vent air fresheners . Depending on availability and sales, I tend to switch between the two.( Disclosure: I am including affiliate links for your convenience .) I stumbled upon a killer deal on Yankee Candle Sidekick refills. Without hesitation, I snatched them up, even though I didn't have the matching holder (the Sidekick air freshener looks like this ). My brilliant plan was to simply stick the refill in the car vent, similar to the air freshener sticks that look like this . It sorta worked but mostly didn’t. 

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