Lazy Budget Chef: June 2013

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Arnold Palmer Drink Recipe

Hello warm weather. Hello picnics and BBQs. Hello icy cold drinks on hot, hot days. Heeeeeeeeeeeeello summer!

And a big hello to my new favorite friend, the Arnold Palmer, although many of you call it a Half and Half.

The Arnold Palmer drink combines my love of summer lemonade and stand by of iced tea into one yummy drink. The recipe is so simple, I don't have to write it out but I will for the sake of formal written down recipe lover people everywhere.

How to Make an Arnold Palmer or Half and Half

Monday, June 17, 2013

DIY Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer

I'm on the fence about buying a vacuum sealer. I understand vacuum sealing is a good way to keep dry goods fresh, especially the garden vegetables and herbs I dry in my dehydrator.

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So on the one hand a vacuum sealer is a good idea on the other hand it is spendy for something I may not use very much since I have an itty bitty front yard garden.  On the third hand (mind if I borrow your hand for a bit?) if the vacuum sealer thing works keeping things fresh in my pantry it might be useful in fighting my nemesis freezer burn.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

115 Ways to Save Money That Won't Get You Arrested

Husband and I had no idea changing our diet and cooking from scratch would not only reduce our food bill (as we hoped) but it would also turn us into accidental foodies. 

So yeah, I think you can have a good life for less and you don't have to be a con, work the system, or commit petty theft to do it like Keenley Newstead, the so-called Britain's Thriftiest Mum. Keenley sees the world as her smorgasbord of free stuff and has no qualms about stealing rolls of toilet paper from restrooms, massive amounts of condiment packs or advertising giveaways, or complaining about something so she gets it free. 

I am upset with this woman's con, because it reflects poorly on the rest of us. I am even more upset with the belief that money saving mavens are cheats and liars instead of the honest, hardworking, clever, (and sometimes a little crazy about how far they will go) people I know them  to be. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How to Grill Your Way to a Kitchen Makeover

I can deal with the layout of my kitchen. I'd like more storage - who doesn't? - but the number one must have when I eventually remodel the kitchen is to replace the appliances. Husband and I are not fans of most of the appliances that came new with the house, especially the HE dishwasher.

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I liked the idea of a high efficiency dishwasher saving water like our HE washing machine (which I love), unfortunately the HE dishwasher didn't like the idea of getting our dishes clean after the first two years of its life. We dealt with it until last month with the dishwasher decided it didn't want to clean anything at all.

And then the kitchen turned into this because I hate hand washing dishes.