Lazy Budget Chef: April 2017

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

11 Ways Spring Cleaning Accidently Made Me Over $650 in Extra Money

I learned that the best way to deal with and beat my Cabin Fever that rolls into Spring Fever is to keep myself occupied with a project.

Getting a Travel Fund coin bank and offhandedly thinking that I will spend whatever stray coin I find on our trip to Germany. to corral my spare change weirdly became an incentive to clean out and organize junk drawers, my purses, and random clutter catches like the linen closet.

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I hate clutter and living in a condo helps with that. I expected to find a couple of doubles since I can’t always store like with like. I also expected to add more things to put in the charity shop donation box in the garage (which I could get a receipt and claim as a charitable deduction.)

What I didn’t expect was to make a bunch of extra money Spring Cleaning from finding, selling, recycling and using the stuff I already had and couldn’t find. Cleaning and reorganizing turned into shopping the house for unexpected profit.

For example:

Monday, April 17, 2017

10 Best Leftover Ham Recipes You Have to Try Right Now!

The great thing about making a ham for dinner is that it feeds a lot of people. Which also can be the not so great thing about ham, because you can end up with a ton of leftover ham after your guests have their fill and go home.

So why not mix it up a bit and use that leftover ham as ingredient in your recipes rather than the star of the show? Using meat as a condiment in a recipe is a fantastic way to stretch your grocery budget, save money on meat, and make sure everyone at the table eats their vegetables – high fives all around!

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10 Quick and Easy Ham Recipes

Monday, April 10, 2017

Nine Plastic Cling Wrap Alternatives

I never was a huge fan of wrapping leftovers in plastic wrap. Whether you call it cling film, cling wrap, food wrap, pliofilm, or by the brand name Saran wrap it never sticks fully and the food it is supposed to protect ends up drying out in the refrigerator – yuck.

Not to mention, plastic wrap itself isn’t very eco friendly, although when it actually works, it can keep food fresher longer and that is less wasteful. Food wise that is, not trash wise – especially when you do the toothpicks in deviled eggs on a plate to keep the plastic wrap from sticking to them kind of thing.

So it wasn’t much of a stretch for me to bypass the roll of food wrap in the kitchen drawer and store food and leftovers in a container with a lid and pop it into the refrigerator. Bingo! No more dried out science experiments in the refrigerator – especially when I use a clear container.

Save food, save money, and reduce our household kitchen trash. High fives all around.

9 Ways to Easily Replace Plastic Cling Wrap Film  in the Kitchen
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9 Easy Ways to Replace Plastic Wrap and Save Boatload of Cash

Monday, April 3, 2017

Vegtable Garden Birthday Cake

My in laws are dedicated and fantastic gardeners, mother-in-laws side in particular. Summer family gatherings are a special treat because everyone's offerings to dinner table are cock full of home grown vegetables.

Home grown vegetables and fishing trip bounty at a Four of July family pot luck.
I contributed the beet salad. Read my Russina Vinegrette Salad reipe on Lazy Budget Chef here!

So it made perfect sense, when gathering for birthday party to serve a gardening birthday cake to the guest of honor. Can you believe this is a homemade vegetable garden cake?!