Lazy Budget Chef: November 2015

Monday, November 23, 2015

Christmas Vacation Tips: Freezer Meals Save Your Sanity!

I accidentally found a great way to prepare for after a vacation or to feed your family real food, real quick when time is short during the Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve holidays – freezer meals!

Of course you folks who are regular freezer meal makers are probably laughing at me because my epiphany is nothing new to you. But like most things in the Lazy Budget Chef household, I fell into vacation freezer meals by accident because it filled an urgent need.

We were getting ready to go on vacation and still had a bunch of fresh produce in the refrigerator we wouldn’t finish before we had to leave for New Orleans. (I’ll write about how I vacationed with food allergies a little later in the holiday season on Lazy Budget Chef so stay tuned!)

Real Food Pantry Freezer Meals for Lazy People


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Monday, November 2, 2015

What Goes on Sale and What to Buy on Clearance in November

When most people think of November store sales, it is the largest and most notorious seasonal shopping sale is in November – Black Friday.

But you don’t have to wait until the Black Friday weekend to find good seasonal sales on the food, fresh produce, and household items you need.

If your local growing season is over in November (like where I live) you can save money if you shop according to the national growing season. And you don’t have to search the world for it because I have that list right here on Lazy Budget Chef!

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Of course just because something is in a store and on sale, doesn’t mean you have to buy it if you don’t need it or will use it. I do not believe Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday sales force anyone to overspend or overbuy – they do. Just because it is in a store and on sale doesn’t mean you have to buy it but if you need it, by all means go for it! Research sales, make a list, and stick to it for the best results.

For extra savings, pair the sale with a coupon from my printable online coupon database (affiliate link) because money saving coupons often follow national sales cycles too!

November Seasonal Fresh Fruit and Vegetables on Sale