Lazy Budget Chef: September 2019

Thursday, September 19, 2019

5 Quick and Easy Frugal Way to Save $500 On Clothing This Week

This week the majority of my savings came from repairing something I was convinced we needed to replace (and I admit to using it as an excuse to replace it with something I like better just for the sake of liking  it better) and a surprise shopping spree for necessary items at the cheapest high quality store I know of – my house.

Here are this week’s money saving hacks  that saved me a surprising $500 dollars this week!

five easy ways to save five hundred dollars in a week

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5 Frugal Things: How I Saved Money This Week

Monday, September 9, 2019

Quick and Easy Mix and Match Granola Cereal Recipe

I’ve always been more of an oatmeal for breakfast kind of gal. If I indulged in cold cereal it was the oaty hippie kind but not very often because it is usually more expensive. When I discovered milk solids added to my favorite store bought cereal, I figured it was time to learn how to make my own. (grumbles at food intolerance)

Making a granola recipes is very, very easy and affordable! Especially when you make it with things you already have on hand in the kitchen. The way I do that is with what I can this Mix and Match Granola Recipe.

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I call this cheap and easy baked granola recipe Mix and Match because it is very versatile. All you need is a neutral tasting cooking oil, oats, a sweetener, and dried fruit, nuts, and other add ins if you wish, or in my case, chuck that last little bit of whatnot into the a granola recipe because I need to use it up.

How Not to Burn and Ruin a Baked Granola Recipe