Lazy Budget Chef: June 2017

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

9 Small Space Self Watering Vegetable Garden Ideas for Lazy Gardeners

If you ask anyone for ideas on how to save money on food and groceries, vegetable and herb gardening is a popular tip. 


Because if you like gardening, have the space, and time to tend to a garden, it works as a way to get a bunch of fresh vegetables and fancy herbs for months on end for the couple of bucks you need to buy a packet of seeds.

I have to admit I’m more into picking and eating food from a vegetable garden than tending to it. Container gardens are needy. I’d much rather travel here, there, and everywhere enjoying my summer than be stuck home watering and weeding a garden. 

Until recently that’s exactly what my husband and I did. We grew a few things here and there but it really was hit or miss on the yield. Apparently plants need water to grow. Who knew?

Then I made my first self watering planter and learned I can have fresh vegetables and summer fun too.  I still have to water the plants but the water chamber in the bottom of the container means if I’m away from home for a few days (or forget) my water loving tomatoes won’t dry out and die.

This year we added more to make a real deal self watering patio container garden!

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