Lazy Budget Chef: July 2012

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What is Healthy Food?

I’ve been thinking a lot about what exactly is considered healthy food lately and it’s all my brother in law’s fault.

During our last family visit, S mentioned he and his new bride wanted to eat healthier while still trying to save money because they are in the We Just Got Married and Starting Our Careers So We’re Broke phase of their lives.

I can relate because that’s where Husband and I were oh so many years ago. The thing Husband and I find funny is in our search for a lower food bill not only did we learn how to cook from scratch, but we started to eat healthier and became accidental foodies. I never saw that coming!

Throughout the visit however, our young couple got a lot of conflicting advice as to what it means exactly to “eat healthy.”

Monday, July 16, 2012

Stove Top Frittata

I wrote about how Blitzkrieg is losing the lymphona fight on Condo Blues. Almost immediately all of my bloggy friends offered guest posts, or blog casseroles so Husband and I can spend as much time with Blitzkrieg and tend to him given the little time he has left.

Leave it to caring foodies who have it ingrained in their DNA that when a friend is having a difficult family time, you bring them food so that's one less thing they have to worry about. Thank you friends.

My good friend Karen Hanrahan from Best of Mother Earth offers a stove top frittata recipe that is perfect for feeding your family without heating up the kitchen on these insanely hot days. Take it away Karen!

Really? You can make a frittata on the stove?  Who knew?  If you've known me awhile you know how much I love frittata's - to me, they are the solution to using up all the bits of veggies I have, particularly ones that don't keep as long like certain greens.  Plus frittata's have cheese in them. YUM!

Image credit: Karen Hanrahan 
PS from Lisa: Karen is a gifted photographer who has had several shows.Please check out her work!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Do Grocery Cashiers Make Fun of Your Food?

Husband and I recently went grocery shopping after extending our Eat From the Pantry Month from one month to almost two and a half months. After the first month of our challenge, we realized we had enough ingredient type food to keep going and decided to try it for as long as we could.

Seeing the back of the freezer is a welcome change. It won’t last long once I start freezing food from our summer vegetable garden – one of the reasons we challenged ourselves to eat from our pantry and freezer. We still had vegetables and fruit from last summer’s garden in our freezer!

I use empty bottle carriers to organize frozen homemade stock. They are also helpful if you want to keep rolls of ground turkey from rolling out of the freezer on onto your toes!

I checked the grocery store sale circular, the printable coupon database, and did a quick skim of We Use Coupons for possible sale plus coupon match ups on the ingredient type food we buy, and made my shopping list. With my reusable shopping bags securely in the trunk of my car, Husband and I took off for the two grocery store shop hop.