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Quick and Easy DIY Car Air Freshener Hack

I use a vent clip air freshener in my car keep the inside of my car from stinking up the joint in between cleanings. My personal go-to is t his Fabreeze car vent air freshener , but I also love the scent of these Yankee Candle car vent air fresheners . Depending on availability and sales, I tend to switch between the two.( Disclosure: I am including affiliate links for your convenience .) I stumbled upon a killer deal on Yankee Candle Sidekick refills. Without hesitation, I snatched them up, even though I didn't have the matching holder (the Sidekick air freshener looks like this ). My brilliant plan was to simply stick the refill in the car vent, similar to the air freshener sticks that look like this . It sorta worked but mostly didn’t. 

18 Unusual Father's Day Gift Ideas Dad Will Love!

Father’s Day is coming up. I’m stumped for good Father’s Day gift ideas as usual. I’ve done all of the stereotypical gifts for Dads.
  • Grilling gifts? Check
  • Golf and sports team gifts? Check.
  • Pity doodads, ties, and cuff links Dad doesn’t have much if any use for? Check, check, and double check!
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18 of the Best Father’s Day Gifts Ever!

Fortunately, I have some time on my hands. I searched high and low to create a Father’s Day gift guide full of cool and usual gifts Dad will honestly like and actually use. No ties here. Well unless you want to be different and recycle an old  necktie into a camera strap.

Universal Clip-On Camera Phone Lens System How many times have you wished for a specialty lens to get the photo you want with the camera on your phone? I have lots. The Clip-On Lens System is compatible with any brand of smart phone less than 1 1/4" thick with a lens within 1" of an edge. It includes a 180° fish-eye lens, wide-angle and macro, 2X telephoto lens, lens covers, and soft storage bags for the lenses.

Stainless Steel Keg Style Growler – If Dad likes craft beer he knows the beer in most beer growlers goes flat quickly. (This is why we only use our growler when we are going to a gathering with fellow craft beer lovers.) This steel keg style growler is designed to hold carbonation pressures longer and keep Dad’s beer fresh longer.

Man Crates Exotic Meat Jerky Crate. This is the gift basket men dream about at night except it isn’t packed in a frilly basket. This full on spread of jerky is sealed in a wooden crate and comes with a small crow bar and they say, “with absolutely no instructions.”

How to Make Aluminum Can CoastersUse dad’s favorite beverage to make cool coasters. I used craft beer can to make the coasters shown here but soda pop cans work too. In fact, I'm saving soda cans as I type to make more can coasters for future gifts.

I gave this set to Husband. He uses them everyday to protect his computer desk from coffee spills. So do I.

Event Tickets – Treat Dad to tickets to see his  favorite sports team, band, show, or movie.

Hobby classes – Does Dad want to start a hobby or perfect a skill? Give Dad the gift of knowledge! If you don’t have a local option, consider the gift of an online hobby class like woodworking, photography, etc. from Craftsy.

Craftsy classes never expire and you can access them as many times as you like.

You can wrap those tickets,  gift card, another great gifts that come in small packages for Dad in Alphamom’s Altoid Tin Mini Toolboxes.

I can’t tell you how much I love this idea.

Rest for Your Rhapsody Acoustic Amplifier is a battery free speaker for Dad’s smart phone. Pop any brand of smart phone into this pillow-shaped ceramic speaker to allow Dad to share his favorite play list for ear bud free jamming.

I want one!

DIY Race Bib and Metal Display from Painted Therapy is a sweet way for a Dad who races to proudly display his bibs and metals instead of in a pile on his desk. Ahem Husband.

I like how it says "Celebrate finish lines not finish times" so true!

Hot Sauce Starter Sets - Moruga Scorpion Mash  Moruga Scorpion Mashes are GMO and MSG free hot pepper mashes Dad can add to his favorite sauces and food. There are three sauces to choose from: Carolina Reaper Mash, Moruga Scorpion Mash, and West Indies Red Habanero Mash. 

Some dads like it hot. Then there are guys like my husband who aren’t satisfied until his food tastes like lava.

Danalock Integrated Smartlock Retrofits your existing deadbolt door lock into a Bluetooth smart lock operated by a Android or iPhone app, by hand, a button press, and with your existing key. This is one of the geeky tech things we dream of at night.

Renters can use it too!

Make Dad a custom printed t shirt!  The design can be as simple or elaborate as you like. Make a design on your computer, or scan a photo or a child’s artwork into your computer and save it as an image file. Then you can give the image file to a custom print t shirt place and they make Dad a professional looking shirt without the DIY mess!

 I took  a photo of Lacey and removed the background in Photoshop (because that's what I have. You can use  your favorite graphics program to do the same.) Next, I used the bucket tool to fill Lacey's photo with the color black. By happy accident the brown in her fur showed up. I kept it that way because I like it. Finally I added the slogan because working with our  rescue dogs has changed our world.

I saved the artwork file as a jpeg. That made it super easy to email Allied Shirts the artwork when I ordered the shirt online. The hardest part of the process was trying to find a time I could do it when my husband wasn’t around!

Captain America Executive Shield Watch – because every Dad is a super hero! The watch feature’s Steve Rodger’s shield on the face of the watch.  

The Original Guitar Pick Punch Guitar  If Dad plays guitar he probably don’t lay out a ton of money on guitar picks but the Guitar Pick Maker is cool and useful just the same. The Guitar Pick Maker punches guitar picks from something he might eventually toss - plastic gift cards! 

Philips Personal Wireless Lighting  Hue Tap Switch – Is compatible will all Philips Hue lighting products and  will appeal to green and gadget loving dads. The Tap uses kinetic energy and is powered by your touch so no batteries are needed to control up to four of your personalized programmed colored lighting scenes.  

My friend Becky at Glue and Glitter says this is her husband’s favorite Father’s Day gift of all time.

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