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What is a Grocery Store Loss Leader? How Does it Save Money on Groceries?

When I got on out on my own in the big bad world, I quickly learned that things cost money.  Shocking, I know.  I wanted to learn how to save money and eagerly dove in to read what everyone considers the epic and all time frugal living and money saving guidebook The Tightwad Gazette by Amy Dacyczyn (you can learn more about it here.) ( Disclosure: I am including affiliate links for your convenience .)  Despite the preachy tone in the later chapters of the book (when you can tell she admitted to be burned out on writing her newsletter in the 90’s) and a few of the now outdated tips (floppy disks!) there are still some decent frugal hacks in her book that are useful today.  For example, Dacyczyn’s  (she pronounces it like Decision )  greatest money saving tip is how to save money on groceries by only buying the Loss Leaders.  Only problem is Dacyczyn doesn’t tell you what  a loss leader is and how to find them in the  store.   Save this money saving idea to your Pinterest boards f

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