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Quick and Easy DIY Car Air Freshener Hack

I use a vent clip air freshener in my car keep the inside of my car from stinking up the joint in between cleanings. My personal go-to is t his Fabreeze car vent air freshener , but I also love the scent of these Yankee Candle car vent air fresheners . Depending on availability and sales, I tend to switch between the two.( Disclosure: I am including affiliate links for your convenience .) I stumbled upon a killer deal on Yankee Candle Sidekick refills. Without hesitation, I snatched them up, even though I didn't have the matching holder (the Sidekick air freshener looks like this ). My brilliant plan was to simply stick the refill in the car vent, similar to the air freshener sticks that look like this . It sorta worked but mostly didn’t. 

15 Summer Mocktail Drink Recipes That Will Make You the Queen of the Cookout

It’s summertime and that means just one thing. It’s time for backyard cookouts, barbeques, and refreshing drinks!

In addition to the rare bottles of pop we break out for these occasions, I like to pull out all the stops and make a pitcher or two of interesting mocktails - cocktails without the alcohol.  They’re a great way to be refreshed while also offering your guests something that’s alcohol free.

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  You won’t have to worry about them driving home after leaving your party either. Which is just another reason why mocktails are all the rage.

15 Summer Non Alcoholic Cocktail Recipes

Enjoy summer one sip at a time with this round up of my favorite mocktail recipes!
1. Peach Cooler - This is a refreshing drink that has summertime written all over it. It’s easy to make and your guests will love it!

2. Pink “Not” Champagne - Every now and then everyone craves a glass of champagne. There are times when alcohol isn’t appropriate or desired. Drink this mocktail during those times. You’ll get the bubbles that you crave with a refreshing fruity taste.

3. Strawberry Pineapple Shaker-Upper - Strawberries and pineapple. Two fruits that were made to go together. You’ll agree for sure after taking just one sip of this fruity mocktail.

4. Grilled Pineapple & Lime Mocktail - This is a mocktail that takes a little effort. It’s well worth every bit of it though. When was the last time you drank something grilled? More than likely the answer to that question is never. That’s why you’re guests are going to be totally amazed by this mocktail.

5. Non-Alcoholic Juicy Julep - Juleps aren’t just for watching horse races. You can enjoy them during summer too. This recipe is refreshing and without the alcohol. Which means you can have two without any worries.

6. Blueberry Maple Mojito Mocktail - Everyone loves Mojitos. This is a twist on the old classic. Along with the elimination of alcohol. Making this the perfect drink for those times when you need to have your thirst quenched. All while wanting to drink a Mojito.

7. Virgin Ginger Mimosas -  These are as pretty as they are tasty. You’ll find this to be a refreshing version of the mimosa that you know and love. All without the alcohol of course.

8. Ginger Lime Fizz - Here you’ll get your fix of fizz. This light and refreshing drink will give you plenty of bubbles to enjoy.

9. Virgin Garden-Fresh Bloody Mary - Who doesn’t love a Bloody Mary? This has everything you love about this drink without the alcohol. Making this something that the whole family can enjoy.

10. Virgin Banana Pina Colada - Here’s another mocktail that’s great for summer. Enjoy this fabulous drink while sitting out on the deck or in your backyard.

11. Rosemary-Infused Cucumber Lemonade - Cucumber drinks are real popular these days. Now you can be the hippest person on the block by serving these. Your guests will think they’re in hipster paradise.

12. Strawberry-Coconut Daiquiri - This one is real easy to make. The frozen strawberries turn this into something everyone will love. Don’t reach for an ice cold soda pop during the summer heat. Reach for this instead.

13. Summer Fruit Punch - Summer and fruit go hand in hand. It also goes great in a glass. As you’ll learn after having a refreshing glass of this fruit punch.

14. Watermelon Agua Fresca - You can’t have summer without watermelon! Now you can drink the best fruit of summer in a glass.

15. Non-Alcoholic Sangria - Sangria is a drink everyone should try at least once. It has a complex fruity flavor that words can barely describe. The tea and cinnamon give it an unexpected flavor that’s both surprising and intriguing.

Looking for more summer BBQ, picnic, and party drink ideas? Check out the following options - and more! - below!


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ReneeOpen said…
YUMMO! What a great list of mocktails! Thank you for putting this together for those who want to be the nonalcoholic queens of the summer parties!

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Donna Reidland said…
Virgin bloody Mary's are a favorite of mine.
Hello, this is one of my personal favorites for last week’s Encouraging Hearts and Home. I hope you stop by and say hello, this post has also been pinned to the Encouraging Hearts and Home board! Thank you for being a part of Encouraging Hearts and Home, we appreciate all that you share. Have a great week ahead!