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How to Dehydrate Orange Peels the Easy Way!

I had a nice little pile of orange rinds on the counter after I squeezed a bunch of oranges for a recipe. It felt like a shame to stuff them into the garage disposal (our compost bin is closed for business once it is buried under snow.) There are several bread recipes I usually can’t make because I never think about buying orange zest until the moment I get the itch to bake. I decided then and there to dehydrate the fresh orange peels and to keep in the pantry to grind into zest with a spice grinder similar to this one , or to steep in a cup of tea to give it an extra flavor kick, or to use to make mulling spices (which I also steep with a black tea bag to give it an extra flavor kick. Oh yeah and to make mulled fruit juice and wine.) (Disclosure: I am including affiliate links for your convenience.) Let’s do this!    Save this tutorial to your Pinterest boards for later! Share it with your friends!   How to Dry Oranges and Make Orange Zest

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