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Easy Never Fail Mincemeat Pie Recipe

On holidays my grandmother always made a mincemeat pie for my father and grandfather to enjoy. As a culinary curious little kid, I tried a small slice, and from then and there when given the choice, I fell headfirst into the Mince Pie camp. Many years later a well meaning person dumped a jar of mincemeat pie filling into a pie crust to present me with my favorite holiday pie. I appreciated the gesture. But it didn’t taste the same. It was too tart and missing the delicious flavor I remembered from the good mince pies I ate in the past. I figured the good mincemeat pie filling I remembered had to be made from scratch and looked for mincemeat pie recipes. I quickly learned that making mince pie filing takes several not readily available ingredients and has a recommended up to two week marinade time before it is ready for Pie Time.  Nope. Sorry. Even with splitting the holiday dinner making duties with my husband, I can’t see that happening for dessert. Until. A friend shared his s

How to Clean Burnt Food from Pots and Pans the Easy Way!

Every once and awhile, I cook something and for various reasons food ends up sticking to the bottom of the pan (especially when I cook rice in the Instant Pot – whhhy?!) or lightly scorching my bake ware.

Or in this case, find the drip tray of my indoor smokeless grill (learn more about my winter grilling BFF here) looking like this - when I have little time and inclination to scrub it  like my life depends on it  to clean it. (Disclosure: I am including affiliate links in this post for your convenience.)

how to clean greasy pots pans bakeware the easy way

Of course merely filling the pot with water and dish detergent and letting it soak will not do any to budge it unlike every dish washing detergent ad in the history of ever wants us to believe.

Fortunately, there is a super easy, cheap, AND nontoxic way to clean those greasy, burnt pots and pans that also deodorizes your kitchen drain – really.

The Easiest Cookware Cleaning Hack You Need to Know Right Now!

easy greasy burnt pot pan bake cook ware dish washing hack
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1. Fill the pot, pan, or bake ware with enough water to fully cover the greasy, dirty or burned on food areas of the dish.

2. Sprinkle baking soda over the burnt food areas of the pot, pan, or bakeware.

It doesn't look pretty but it works!

Hint: Since I rarely keep track of when I am supposed to change the baking soda I use to deodorize my refrigerator and freezer, I use this as an opportunity to shake the baking soda from one of the deionizer jars into a burned pot with water and refill the deodorizer jar with fresh baking soda.
non toxic scrubbing powder shaker jar
I buy baking soda in bulk here to save money and reduce waste. I keep one mason jar with a shaker lid (you can buy mason jar shaker lids here) in the freezer and refrigerator as a deodorizer. When it is time to change a jar, I pop it under the sink for cleaning and fill a third jar with fresh baking soda to replace it.

3. Allow the baking soda and water solution to soak for awhile. How long? Well it depends upon how much and how well you burned food in your pot, pan, or bakeware. I usually give it a half hour to an hour for lightly scorched cookware sometimes overnight for a bigger mess or when I am trapped under a dog for the rest of the evening.

dog snuggles
Hi everyone, Lacey here! Lisa makes the best upcycled pillow in the evenings. She’s not the only one who does that reuse and recycle thing around here!

4. Run a pot scraper like this (the BEST clean up tool in my kitchen!) along the scorched area of the pan. The burnt mess should easily lift from the cookware. If not, you may need to use a kitchen pot scrubber (  to clean the rest of the pan. I recommend these 100% natural fiber scrub sponge dishcloths because they are made to be cleaned in the dishwasher and last forever. And trust me after cleaning burned food from a pot, you’ll want to wash or replace your dish scrubby. Ew.

5. Use dish washing detergent and water to wash the pot, pan, or bake ware per usual.

zero waste nontoxic dish washing hack
All clean!

6. Grab a book or watch a movie and spend the rest of your evening being an Upcycled Dog Pillow.

If you’d rather buy than DIY, check out the following options – and more! – below!

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Lisa notes... said…
Baking soda...and I already have that! Thanks for the tip. I didn't know this.
Liz said…
Great tip, thank you. I have some in the fridge right now that probably needs changing. We appreciate it at FF.