Lazy Budget Chef: Asparagus and Tomato Saute Recipe

Monday, August 15, 2011

Asparagus and Tomato Saute Recipe

I did something a naughty.

I made a meal with food that Husband does not like.

Husband had to work late and was not going to be home for dinner. It’s the perfect time to make the asparagus he bought because he knows I like it.

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I eyed balled the amounts. I was even naughtier because I used frozen asparagus. It was less expensive than fresh and will last longer since I had to find a time when I was cooking for myself.  

I sautéed in olive oil:

Frozen asparagus
Summer squash (frozen fresh from last summer)
Fresh tomatoes
Fresh Basil (from my patio herb garden.) Dried basil works too.)
Minced garlic

I sautéed the vegetables until the squash was cooked thought. I served it over egg noodles because egg noodles instead of whole wheat pasta cook up in a snap. I don’t even know if egg noodles come in a whole wheat version. Do they?

A nice little meal that didn’t take a lot of time to make or heat up the kitchen too much. It’s perfect for summer!

Update 8/16/2011: I found Ronzoni whole wheat egg noodles on sale at Meijer. Whole wheat egg noodles DO exist!