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My Pizza Stone Tastes Funny and How to Wash It

I absolutely love my baking stone (I have a square pizza stone similar to this one because it is more versatile than a round one.) I use it all the time and for pretty much everything I put in the oven. ( Disclosure: I am including affiliate links for your convenience .) Which I learned is a mistake. The food I bake on my pizza stone is starting to taste weird. The stone smells and smokes when I put it in a hot oven. Why? Because baking and pizza stones are porous. That’s how they do their job of creating perfectly baked bread and pizza crusts. But the porous stone can also absorb and trap the fats and oils in the food baked on top of it. Over time, the oil heats and releases into the lovely seasoning you created by baking on the stone and makes your pizza or bread taste awful and/or fill your kitchen with eye watering smoke. Bleach! In other words, I should have used a metal baking sheet to make oven baked French fries and not my baking stone. Oops. Save this tutorial to

Quick and Easy Corned Beef Hash Recipe

I had some leftover corned beef in the refrigerator that was too much for one person to eat and a bit too little to reheat and serve by itself for dinner.

I also had a few potatoes in the pantry that I needed to use and decided to get these two crazy kids together and made corned beef hash for dinner!

Cooking with Leftovers Recipe: Corned Beef Hash Recipe

best corned beef hash recipe

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Since this is a cooking with leftovers recipe, I don’t have exact measurements for the ingredients I used to make it, which I know drives some of you crazy. Sorry about that. My general rule is to use slightly less potatoes than I have corned beef.

You will need the following ingredients for this budget recipe

Corned beef – I’m using leftover corned beef brisket I made in my slow cooker. You can also use canned corned beef if you like.

Potatoes - a few less potatoes than you have corned beef. Or not, it’s up to you! And just like the corned beef, you can used canned potatoes if you like.

One onion

The neutral tasting vegetable oil of your choice

Salt and pepper to taste


what to do with leftover corned beef recipe ideas
My husband declared that my corned beef hash recipe is much better than the canned stuff! 

Step by Step How to Make this Recipe

Tip: Peeling and precooking the potatoes will make it much easier to make sure the meat and potatoes are heating through at the same rate and reduce the risk of burning the corned beef while the raw potatoes need to cook through. I like to use a potato bag (you can learn about microwave potato bag cookers here ) or 7 minutes on high in an electric pressure cooker (you can learn more about my Instant Pot here.) (Disclosure: I am including affiliate links for your convenience.)

1. Chop the onion and saute it in oil in a frying pan on low to medium heat on the stove until the onions are lightly brown.

2. Cube the potatoes and corned beef and add it the onions.

3. Add just a quick kiss of salt and pepper to the mixture to bring out the flavor of the potatoes and onions. You don’t need much because the corned beef by itself has plenty of both already.

4. Cover the pan and allow the mixture to simmer and fully heat through for 20 minutes (or more or less depending upon the amount of ingredients you are using and if you precooked/used canned potatoes or not) and occasionally removing the lid and stirring the ingredients so they will not burn.

5. Once the ingredients are fully cooked through, serve, eat, and repeat!

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