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How to Make Vodka Watermelon - Everything You Need to Know Guide!

I wanted to make a vodka watermelon. Some people call it infuse a watermelon. Some people charge a watermelon. Whatever you it call it, it is the same thing. A 21 years and older watermelon filled with booze with a 50-50 chance of either coming out perfect or not infusing at all. I’m not trying to scare you out of a spiked vodka watermelon recipe. I’m letting you know up front, if your vodka watermelon didn’t work, keep reading this post to learn how to fix a drunken watermelon that won't absorb vodka on the first go round. How to Soak a Drunken Watermelon With Vodka   Pin this recipe for your next party!

Easy Never Fail Mincemeat Pie Recipe

On holidays my grandmother always made a mincemeat pie for my father and grandfather to enjoy. As a culinary curious little kid, I tried a small slice, and from then and there when given the choice, I fell headfirst into the Mince Pie camp.

Many years later a well meaning person dumped a jar of mincemeat pie filling into a pie crust to present me with my favorite holiday pie. I appreciated the gesture.

But it didn’t taste the same.

It was too tart and missing the delicious flavor I remembered from the good mince pies I ate in the past.

I figured the good mincemeat pie filling I remembered had to be made from scratch and looked for mincemeat pie recipes. I quickly learned that making mince pie filing takes several not readily available ingredients and has a recommended up to two week marinade time before it is ready for Pie Time. 

Nope. Sorry. Even with splitting the holiday dinner making duties with my husband, I can’t see that happening for dessert.


A friend shared his secret to making the delicious holiday mincemeat pie recipe that I remembered from my childhood. It is quick. It is easy. And it is very very good!


quick and easy mincemeat pie recipe
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The Best Ever Mincemeat Pie Filling Recipe

You will need the following mincemeat pie filling ingredients:

1 27 ounce jar of mincemeat pie filling – You can buy mincemeat pie filling here

2 pie crusts – you can make the pie dough from scratch if you like. Historically I have bad luck making pie crusts and either buy refrigerated pie crusts or buy a pie crust mix like this one. If you need a gluten free pie crust, check out Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Pie Crust Mix here

1/4 cup of bourbon – some folks use rum instead of bourbon. (The alcohol bakes out of the pie so you don’t have to worry about feeding boozy pie to children.)  I prefer bourbon because it makes the ready made mincemeat pie filling taste exactly like the pie my grandmother made when I was a kid.

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Step by Step How to Make this Dessert Pie Recipe

1. Thoroughly mix the bourbon into the ready made mincemeat pie filling. Cover and allow the mincemeat to marinate in the refrigerator for 24 to 48 hours before baking.

On Pie Day!

2. Prepare the pie crusts according to your favorite pie crust recipe, mix, or package directions.

3. Place the bottom pie crust into a pie pan (if needed) and lightly prick with the sides and bottom of the crust with a fork. This will prevent the pie crust from bubbling in the oven.

4. Pour the mincemeat pie filling and marinade into the bottom pie crust and top it with the second pie crust.

5. Flute the edges of pie crusts together if you are feeling fancy or can use a fork to do the same thing.

6. Use a knife to cut a few slits in the top of the tie crusts so the seam has a place to vent while the pie bakes in the oven. I used a cookie cutter to cut the center from my pie crust before I used it to top my pie and placed the cutout in the space for a little flair.

7. Bake the pie in the oven for 10 minutes at 425 degrees (F ) and then lower the oven temperature to 375 degrees (F ) and bake the pie for 25 more minutes or until the crust is golden brown.

TIP: To keep the edges of your pie crust from burning while baking, lightly cover the edges of the pie crust with aluminum foil or a reusable pie crust shield like this one. It’s a game changer!

8. After the pie cools, slice, serve, eat, enjoy, repeat!

Rather buy than bake a mincemeat pie? Check out these no bake mincemeat pie options – and more! – below!

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