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27 Things I Make Instead of Buy to Save Money

Are you looking for ways to save money? You're not alone! It can be tough to keep up with when you have surprise expenses.  By changing some of our daily habits, my family started to make some of our household items instead of buy them to help use reduce waste, save money, and frankly because it can be more convenient. I added the items on this list bit by bit over the years. Please do not think you have to make everything all at once! Sometimes I don’t have to make more of something because I made a bit too much the first time and we are still going through it (looking at you Must Can All the Jam! bender a few years ago.) Other times, it’s a one and done kind of thing like sewing on a button, and sometimes I buy the item instead of making it (like yogurt) because I’m too busy with other life things to keep up with the supply and demand.   Save this list of money saving ideas to your Pinterest Boards for later! Share it with your friends!  In othe

How to Pop Popcorn

After enjoying a bowl of popcorn during a home movie night there were quite a few unpopped kernels in the bottom of the bowl.

Normally I’d chuck them in the trash bin but there were about two tablespoons of unpopped popcorn kernels in the bottom of the bowl. (Tip: Once I started using a 1/4  measuring cup instead of eyeballing it when I pop popcorn, I now end up with one or two unpopped  kernels of corn.)

I looked at the unpopped popcorn kernels and remembered hearing a story about my grandmother repopping leftover popcorn kernals the next time they ate popcorn. Which in this house is alllllll the time.

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I figured I'd give repopping unpopped popcorn kernels a try. And you know what? It worked!

How to Pop Popcorn

Popcorn is a fairly healthy snack as long as you don’t slather it with gobs of butter (real or fake) and salt. Most of the time I flavor it with whatever catches my eye at the time in the spice rack since most flavored potatoe and salty snacks in the store contain milk ingredients (you’d be surprised!) I can’t eat. Not to mention, popcorn is a budget friendly money saving snack. Yay popcorn!

First we need to make popcorn in the stove.

1. Cover the bottom of a pot with the cooking oil of your choice.

2. Add one or two corn kernels to the pot.

3. Cover the pot with a lid and set the heat on the stove to medium-high.

4. After the kernel pops, add the rest of the popcorn to the pot.

5. Cover the pot with a lid, and shake it occasionally so it doesn’t burn until the popcorn stops popping.

6. Season as desired and eat!

My favorite popcorn seasonings are basil and oregano because it reminds me of pizza

How to RePop Unpoppped Popcorn Kernels

To repop the spent popcorn kernels I had to modify the directions from the popcorn bag a bit. Please remember that I’m repopping popcorn kernels that have already gone though one popping session on a stove. I don’t know how or if this stove technique will work with unpopped kernels that have gone through a popping session in the microwave or in an electric/air popcorn popper.

how to make popcorn the easy and healthy way
My super fancy popcorn popper is a pot with a lid on the stove

1. Cover the bottom of a pot with the cooking oil of your choice.

2. Skip the above test kernel Steps 2 -4.

3. Pour all of the popcorn kernels you want to repop into the bottom of the pan.

4. Cover the pot with a lid and set the heat to medium, which on my electric stove is five.

  • You lucky people with natural gas stoves will have to figure out what setting is medium-low for yourselves.
  • The key is to heat the popcorn at a slightly lower temperature for a little longer. It’s like the tortoise and the hare, slow and steady wins the race – or in this case, pops more unpopped popcorn kernels.

5. Wait for the popcorn to start popping and shake the pot occasionally so it doesn’t burn until the popcorn stops popping.

6. Season your popcorn with salt or your favorite herbs (I like basil and oregano) and enjoy!

Looking for more popcorn and popcorn popping ideas (My fancy popcorn popper is a pot similar to the one on the right)? Check out the following options (I recommend the Amish popcorn if you want to treat yourself it is the absolute best!) and more below!

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Teresa B said…
I'm lazy, so I have a popcorn machine,but I'm still saving this post for future reference anyway.
Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned.
Petra said…
It is always a good time for popcorn! A good idea to re pop the un cooked kernels! I like cayenne pepper on my popcorns but have come to realized it is an acquired taste :)
Thank you for sharing with us at Fiesta Friday!
Lisa Lynn said…
I've been feeding the unpopped kernals to my chickens...lol! But this is a great idea! Thanks for sharing on Farm Fresh Tuesdays! Hope to see you again today :)