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Cashew Ricotta, Cream, Mozzarella, and Garlic Cheese Recipe

The problem with vegan cheese (and a lot of allergy free food) is that the manufacturers ignore that their ingredients start with a slightly different taste profile than the originals. Instead of working with those different tastes to create a unique foodstuff you can use as a “cheese”, they just bodge right through and declare that the finished product is tastes just like cheddar cheese when at its best it tastes like plastic and at its worst it tastes like cardboard. I had given up on dairy free cheese until I learned about cashew “cheese.” The thing that makes this dairy free vegan cheese recipe work is that it plays into the flavor of the cashews, adds a hint of nutty cheese flavor with nutritional yeast and the slight cheese tang with lemon juice. Cashew cheese doesn’t taste like a traditional dairy cheese (or plastic sawdust vegan cheese) but a unique flavor that allows you to do cheesy things with it. This cashew cheese recipe is very versatile. You can use it to make

Five Frugal Things – How I Saved Money on Food This Week

Most bloggers write and post their little posts on how they saved money here and there on Fridays. Which is great but honestly most of time I end up doing those little frugal hacks on the weekends when I have more time to do them. I’m trying something a little different and writing my five frugal things tips about how I saved money in big and small ways during the previous week.

Clear as mud?

Good. Let’s go!

5 frugal hacks to save money
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1. Lately I’ve been getting more than my money’s worth streaming classic Doctor Who episodes and the weird B movies that are so bad they are good on Pluto TV while I’m sewing an extremely time consuming project. There are two channels that are nothing put old Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes and Rifftrax movies.  The price can’t be beat because Pluto TV is a FREE app!. There are so many channels on Pluto that it’s almost like having cable TV again  - meaning I watch 3 or 4 channels and ignore the rest.

2 The second floor of our condo is hotter than the first floor during the summer (heat rises and all that.) This is especially true in our home office where our computers do their bit to heat the room up even more.  Instead of blasting the central air conditioning to cool the upstairs which would make the downstairs cold enough to comfortably house a family of polar bears in the living room, I bought two of  these $30 personal coolers for our computer desks to use instead of the osculating fan that blew papers all over the room and didn’t cool the room as much as we hoped.

It’s too humid in Ohio to use it as an evaporation cooler but it works surprisingly well as a personal fan and doesn’t blow paperwork off my desk – a WIN! (Disclosure: I recommend  how this little guy works so well at helping me cool and my electricity bill low that I  have no problem using my affiliate links to do it!) 

3. I took a chance on buying some vegan sausage at Aldi and didn’t like the taste. I cut the rest of the package up into teeny tiny pieces to hide the taste in chicken jambalaya. My husband complimented me on the dish (it did taste good) and we didn’t waste food – a win win!

I know Aldi will let you return items you don’t like for a refund. I didn’t feel right about return half a package of something we had eaten and I knew they were most likely going throw it away.

4. I was asked to do a sewing commission this week, which is nice because I wasn’t really thinking about putting out my costume making shingle again. Yay for surprise side hustle!

5. I finally got around to picking my patio garden herbs and dehydrating them to use later in the year. (I have this exact portable dehydrator and recommend if you use it to try herbs, you use these dehydrator tray liners unless you like all of your herbs mixed into a pile on the bottle of your dehydrator.)

This year in addition to our mission critical basil, oregano, and cilantro, I tried something different and planted fennel, winter savory, lemongrass, and Thai mint. The mint and lemongrass will most likely be used to make tea.

What frugal things did you do this or last week?

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Teresa B said…
Thank you for these tips, and for joining The Really Crafty Link Party this week!
Loni said…
Those are some great tips and good reminders of how to save money in the little things! FYI your personal coolers are now only $20 on Amazon!!! Blessings, Loni