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Vodka Cranberry Popsicle Recipe

Once I declared this year The Year of the Popsicle,  my Popsicle making experiments are going well. I am getting kiddos that hate anything remotely healthy to eat my variations of juice and fruit pops, which makes me happy. Now it is time for something more a bit more grown up Vodka Popsicles! Pin this homemade Popsicle recipe for later! Share it with your friends! Oh yes, my friends, I'm ready to teach you how to make booze infused Popsicles because I can't invite you over for a BBQ and a taste of my delicious experiment. I would if I could but my yard is too small to host of all you.

Baked French Fries Recipe in 30 Minutes or Less!

There is nothing that goes better with a grilled burger than French fries. They are easy to order when you are eating at a restaurant but let’s face it, deep fat frying French fries at home is messy and in all honesty, most doctors will tell you baked side dishes are generally more healthy than fried.

That’s why I serve my protein burger of choice with fast and easy homemade baked French fries. No my friends, I didn’t buy them in the frozen food section (not cheap and loaded with extra ingredients you don’t need to eat.)

I whip my homemade French Fries up on the cheap from real deal potatoes and they taste exactly like the season salt fries from my favorite local restaurant – for a whole lot less.

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How to Make Quick, Easy, and Healthy Homemade Baked French Fries – Not Deep Fat Frying Required!

You will need:


Potatoes – I am using Yukon Gold potatoes in this recipes. My in laws grow Yukon Gold potatoes every year in their vegetable garden.  Their self buttering goodness and flavor can’t be beat!

Your favorite type of vegetable cooking oil – I am using peanut oil to get the same flavor of the French Fries from my favorite local restaurant but without the frying mess. Olive oil, vegetable oil, and what have you work too. Although I would stay away from using Coconut oil in this recipe because it has such a high smoke point.

Baking stone – I recommend using a baking stone because it makes the French fries crisp up nicely

Chef’s knife

Cutting Board

Vegetable scrubber
Pastry brush and small bowl

Optional seasoning if desired:  healthy season salt, rosemary, sea salt (or regular table salt,)  or whatever strikes your fancy.

Disclosure: I am including some affiliate links in this post for your convenience.

Step by Step How to Make It

1. Clean the skin of the potatoes using water and the vegetable scrubber. If you don’t want the extra nutrient goodness of the potato peel on your French Fries, you can use a vegetable peeler like this one to peel the skin instead.

I’m going the quick and easy (and lazy healthy) route by leaving the clean potato peels on the potato. It’s low effort way to fancy Nancy looking potato wedges.

2. Use the chef’s knife and cutting board to cut the potatoes in half followed by cutting them into potato wedges. If you are feeding an army, using a vegetable mandolin to julienne  the potatoes will make this step quick and easy.

3. Arrange the cut potatoes on the baking stone or sheet.

4. Pour a small amount of vegetable oil into a small bowl and use the pastry brush with a light hand to brush the hand cut French fried potatoes with oil. The olive / peanut/ vegetable oil is only there to help the potatoes brown in the oven and encourage the seasonings to stick so you don’t need to go nuts and drown the potatoes with oil.

5. Sprinkle your seasoning (if desired) onto the French fries before baking them a 450 degree (F ) oven for approximately 30 to 40 minutes until the French Fries are soft and golden brown. The baking time will depend upon how thick you cut the potato wedges and how soft or crispy you like your French fries.

 Nom! Nom! Nom!

6. Pull the baked French fries out of the oven. Eat, enjoy, repeat!

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