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Quick and Easy Cherry Coconut Fluff Dessert Recipe

My husband and I were invited to a summer cookout and volleyball extravaganza. Like all good Midwesterners, we automatically knew that includes bringing food for the potluck portion of the party. Unfortunately, earlier in the week due to a raging thunderstorm that took down power line followed by temperatures that shot up into the 90’s (F ) our electric company gave a huge chunk of the state the gift of multiday rolling blackouts early in the week. Fortunately, we got our electricity back in one of the first waves. Even though we didn’t lose any of our food in the freezer (I had the freezer packed with big reusable ice packs similar to these to get them ready for the party) the power outages made grocery shopping for fresh party food ingredients difficult. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. I poked around my pantry and got a little creative. I made a quick and easy three ingredient cherry coconut fluff salad recipe that just so happens to also b

12 Dairy Free Ice Creams That Actually Taste Good!

What tastes better than ice cream on a hot and sunny July day? Maybe that’s why National Ice Cream Day is smack dab in the middle of the month on July 20th.

Unfortunately for us diary allergy and lactose intolerance suffers and vegans, we can’t always indulge in summer’s most cold and sweet treat. That’s not to say there isn’t dairy free ice cream available, there is but in my experience most of it is vanilla which highlights everything a dairy free ice cream lacks such as taste.

But never fear my food allergy friends! I put my taste buds on the line and after some arduous research, I collected a round up of 12 dairy free ices cream recipes that are easy to make and good to eat!

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12 Food Allergy Friendly Ice Cream Recipes

Make sure you check out the Lazy Budget Chef for printable ice cream coupons and coupons for ice cream making ingredients throughout the month. The closer we get to July 20th National Ice Cream Day, the more sales and coupons will be available.

Then you can make and eat twice as much!

1. Creamy Coconut Lime Popsicles by My Sweet Mission taste like a creamsicle with a limey citrus twist

2. Impossibly Easy Banana Ice Cream by My Life and Kids – This recipe uses bananas instead of milk!

3. Vegan Chai Ice Cream by Minimalist Baker - No boiling or chilling required!

4. Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream by The Nourishing Gourmet - The coconut milk makes is it extremely creamy, so you won’t even miss the dairy!

5. Raspberry Coconut Ice Cream by Vegan Family Recipes -This quick raspberry coconut ice cream is done instantly without an ice cream maker.

6. French Press Coffee Ice Cream with Brown Sugar Rum Raisins by Glue and Glitter – Rich French press coffee ice cream with sweet and boozy brown sugar rum raisins is a cold, creamy treat on a hot day!

7. Low Calorie Dessert: Strawberry Sorbet Recipe by The Shabby Creek Cottage  - How to make low calorie strawberry sorbet without an ice cream maker!

8. Blueberry Coconut Shake : Dairy Free by Kleinworth & Co – Only 4 ingredients necessary!

9. Almond Joy Coconut Milk Ice Cream by nelliebellie - A delicious coconut milk ice cream with dark chocolate, almond, and toasted coconut mixed throughout.

10 . Dairy Free Coffee Ice Cream Recipe by My Crazy Good Life – There’s not a lick of dairy anywhere in this one. It’s a banana based iced cream. Who knew?!

11. So Delicious Minis Mocha Almond Fudge Bars -  because sometimes when an ice cream craving hits you want to buy than wait for the DIY to freeze. This isn’t an ad for So Delicious or anything like that. I tried them (and everything else they offered) at the So Delicious booth at the Ohio Food and Wine Festival last weekend. I’ve pretty much given up on dairy free ice cream because it is so hard to find one that actually tastes good. Most vegan ice creams offer vanilla which always shows how much vegan ice cream does not taste like the real deal! The almond milk in the Fudge Bars made my taste buds sing because it tastes just like cow milk ice cream but it is 100% certified vegan. I don’t know how So Delicious does it but I’m very happy that they do.

I taste tested all of the coconut and almond milk offerings at the So Delicious booth so you don’t have to. I’m selfless like that.
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12. Pineapple Mango Sorbet by HoneyBear Lane – 4 ingredients is all you need!

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