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How to Make Eyeglass Cleaning Spray!

Ever since I first started wearing glasses as a kid, I cleaned them every morning by wetting the lenses and carefully cleaning them with a little bit of dish washing liquid on my fingers. I’d pat the lenses dry with a towel for a clean and clear view of the day before me. It wasn’t until I got a new optometrist as an adult that I was introduced to the magic of lens cleaning spray. Paired with the microfiber lens cleaning cloth that also came with my glasses, I can easily slip everything into my purse and clean my glasses on the go for streak free viewing morning, noon, and night. Mind. Blown. (It’s the simple things, I know.) My optometrist gives me free lens cleaning fluid refills but of course, I ran out and couldn’t make it down to his shop in time for an out of town trip. Turns out lens cleaning spray is very, very, very easy and inexpensive to make. In fact, you might already have everything you need to make cleaning fluid for glasses at home! Save this tutorial to yo

What Goes on Sale and What to Buy on Clearance in August

I am loving the mountains of summer produce tumbling into the store this time of year! Good, healthy, and if you shop according to the seasonal August sales cycles - cheap!
Seasonal shopping isn’t limited to food and groceries. Back to School shopping is in full swing which means that it is a good time to stock up on office supplies, small appliances, and summer clearance items if you aren’t sending a kiddo off to school.

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For extra savings, pair the sale with a coupon from my printable online coupon database (affiliate link) because money saving coupons often follow national sales cycles too!

Seasonal Food, Fresh Fruit, and Vegetables That Go on Sale in August

The two biggest grocery categories that go on sale in August are breakfast items to feed kids before school and anything school lunch related for packed lunches. Snack type items will go on sale too.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are also flooding grocery stores. If you have the time and talent, mid to late August is the time to start stocking up and canning summer’s bounty for fall and winter.

Seasonal Fruit on Sale in August –peaches, apricots, berries, cherries, grapes, peaches, melons, apricots, plums, pears figs, apples

Seasonal Produce on Sale in August - onions, corn, eggplant, squashes, cucumber, tomatoes, tomatillos, green peppers, avocado, green beans, beans, salad ingredients

Fresh fish
Vinegar and canning supplies


Cheese sticks and slices

Lunchable type “meals”

Kid snacks such as:
  • Fruit snacks
  • Pudding cups
  • Jello cups
  • Canned fruit
  • Granola bars
Juice boxes and pouches

Home and Garden Goods: What to Buy in August


There aren’t many August wacky holidays that might lead to one day holiday discounts in grocery stores or restaurants but there are a few:

August is Cataract Awareness Month and Children's Vision and Learning Month – look for sales on eye exams and prescription eyewear including glasses and contacts.

The two other big August sales events are:
  • Summer Clearance Sales
  • Back to School 
Even if you don’t have kids in school or college, you can take advantage of these sales events if you are in need of any of the following:

Cleaning supplies
Hand Sanitizer
Back-to-school and office supplies: Erasers, pens, crayons, paper, binders, notebooks, markers, note cards, glue, paper, sticky notes, scissors, staplers, computer printer paper – If you keep an eye out sometimes you can pick up many of these supplies  .25 to $1.00 each!
Backpacks and book bags
Lunch boxes, lunch bags, cold packs, water bottles, and reusable lunch containers
Office Furniture
Dorm room Furniture

Small dorm room appliances: mini refrigerators, coffee makers, toaster ovens, irons, etc.

Linens, bedding, and bath towels – I upgraded both this time last year and I had a ton of merchandise to choose from!

Storage Containers, baskets, and organizers


USB flash drives

Children’s clothing

Summer Clearance sales are also in full swing to make room for Fall and soon Winter merchandise.  You still have a month of summer to enjoy that discounted grill or start an outdoor DIY project for less.

Swimsuits and beach towels

Summer clothing, flip flops, and sandals


Insect repellent
Gardening and landscaping supplies and plants – We just got an awesome deal on supplies to redo our front yard.

Air conditioners and fans


BBQ grills, charcoal, grilling accessories – Buy them now and give them as Christmas gifts in December!

Camping gear: tents, awnings, lawn chairs


Patio Furniture


Summer outdoor toys – water toys, bubbles, Super Soakers, pools, outdoor inflatable toys

Fall vacations – The off season for many hotels and resorts starts in September and October and they will start lowering rates. Book those deals in August to save on fall travel.

Remember, if some of the things listed are are items you don’t care to eat or use, just because it is on sale, doesn’t mean you have to buy it. You’ll save more money if you don’t!

What do you buy in August?

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