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What Goes on Sale and What to Buy on Clearance in July

July is when summer is at its peak. School is out. Vacations are on, warm weather, and outdoor fun are the rule of the day. Do you know what else is happening in July?
Summer clearance sales.

Which makes me a little sad because our summer activities have barely started but seeing grocery stores, farmers markets, local produce stands overflowing with seasonal, often local - and cheap! - produce makes up for it.

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July is when I start scouting for future upgrades and birthday gifts I know I will need in future months. I’m noticing my beloved Zulily (referral link) often follows these monthly sale cycles and is helping me get my Christmas, birthday, and shopping done bit by bit while saving some serious coin thanks to the research I’m doing for this blog sales series.

For further savings, I check the Lazy Budget Chef database for printable coupons (here) (affiliate link) and use them during the store sale on the items I need.

Seasonal Food, Fresh Fruit, and Vegetables on Sale in July

July a few wacky food holidays that might lead to one day holiday discounts in grocery stores or restaurants:

  • National Fried Chicken Day - July 6
  • National Pecan Pie Day - July 12
  • National Ice Cream Day - July 20
  • National Cheesecake Day - July 30 
  • July is also National Ice Cream Month – Ice cream, Ice cream sandwiches, frozen novelties, ice cream cones, ice cream makers and rock salt, etc.

Seasonal Fruit on Sale in July - raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, cherries, grapes, peaches,   watermelon, nectarines, apricots cantaloupes, plums, pears figs, oranges

Seasonal Produce on Sale in July – onions, corn, potatoes, eggplant, summer squash, cucumber, tomatoes, green beans, garlic, bell peppers

Independence Day backyard party food on sale for the 4th of July:

  • Hot dogs, hamburgers, ground turkey and beef, meat free burgers and buns
  • Salads, side dishes, and fruit/vegetable platters
  • BBQ sauce, marinades, and rubs
  • Condiments:  ketchup, mustard, hot sauces, etc.
  • salad dressing
  • potato chips, salty snacks, dips
  • Soda pop, drink mixes, ice tea, lemonade, and alcoholic beverages (were permitted)

Household Goods: What to Buy in July

Just because an item goes on sale doesn’t mean you have to buy it. However if you have a current or know you have a future need, this list of household and gift items that go on sale in July might help you fill that need for less.

Fourth of July party items such as - charcoal, lighter fluid, propane gas grill tanks, America flags, patriotic and red, white, and blue décor, fireworks (where permitted)

4th of July Themed Items – patriotic clothing, red, white and blue décor 

Fireworks on clearance after Independence Day (if it is legal in your state) – save them for next year or for Labor Day fireworks

Toys – Summer toys as well as regular toys go on clearance to make room for back to school and Christmas. It’s a good time to start Christmas toy shopping early.

Gym Memberships – Although the best deals are usually in January.

Shaving needs - Razors, cartridges shaving creams, soap, lotions and gels, etc.

Spring and summer clothes, shoes, sandals, flip flops, swimsuits, and accessories – Stores need to make shelf space for August Back to School shopping.

Ball and Mason canning jars, and canning supplies – Keep an eye out if you know you will be canning in late summer/early fall. These sales are usually short and often unannounced, at least in my area.

Patio furniture

Summer outdoor décor 

BBQ grills and supplies 

Air conditioners

Camping equipment and gear - Sales and discounts start in July and will get better as we move toward Labor Day in September. Tents, sleeping bags, lanterns, hiking boots, coolers, air mattresses, fishing gear, headlamps, portable cooking stoves, first aid kits, water bottles and filtration systems, cast iron cookware, etc.

Lawn and garden seasonal tools, seeds, plants, and supplies 

Baseball tickets and team merchandise - As teams are eliminated from the playoffs their tickets and gear will be discounted. Think of it as a bittersweet gift to die hard fans.

Home and household goods – We are still in summer wedding season. Look for discounts on anything that can be a wedding gift like table linens, dinnerware, and newlywed themed decorative items. Sales on small kitchen appliances (think dorm room) will be better during Back to School season.

Furniture – Stores need to make room for the new August furniture styles for fall. 

Tools – Last month’s Father's Day sales are usually the best time to buy tools but you can still find some good tool deals in July.

Video and computer games

Late August Vacation Travel Sales – The weekend before Labor Day in late August is the cheapest time to travel because everyone is waiting to travel on and during the Labor Day weekend. If you go the weekend before you can get deals on airfare and hotel stays hotel pricing and airfare. Your destination might be less crowded too.

Broadway Tickets – New shows aren’t opening so you might find discounted tickets. On the other hand it is also the crowded summer vacation season and demand can be high on Tony award winning shoes. Either way, it never hurts to check the TKTS booths for cheap tickets.

Computers – Prices will get better the closer we get to Back to School season.

Back-to-School supplies – Crayons, pencils, folders, binders, notebooks, pens, tape, markers, printer paper, etc. Even if you don’t have kids in school, shop the sales and use them for home office supplies. 

What do you buy in July?

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