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Top 23 Tailgating Supplies for the Perfect Football Tailgate Party

Fall means football and football means it is time to tailgate before, during, and after the game! Like many parts of the country, tailgating in Columbus is an art form. It is always fun to walk the parking lots before an Ohio State game to people watch. Buckeye fans go all out! It isn’t unusual to see a motor home painted with an elaborate Ohio State scarlet and gry paint job that people use just for tailgating. That's why Tailgater Magazine ranked Ohio State number 8 on its Top 20 Tailgate Colleges in 2014. Another reason why I think tailgating so popular here is that get tickets to an OSU game is hard because the games sell out quickly. On the rare chance tickets are available they cost crazy money! S My Top 23 Tailgating Must Haves

20 Easy and Delicious Fish Recipes You Have to Try!

Fish is one of our favorite family staples. It is economical (especially when it goes on sale during the Lenten season. It is a great time to stock up on fish whether you celebrate Lent or not,) and one of the best quick and low effort meals around.

So it surprises me when people tell me they hate to eat fish because it is messy to make, dry, and tough. Well I suppose fish can be all of those things if they only way you prepare fish is to deep fry it or over cook it.  Growing up on Lake Erie, I thought the only way you cooked fish was as a deep fried breaded fillet because that’s how we ate it.

20 easy fish dinner recipes for lent

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Fortunately for my cholesterol levels, I learned that some of the best fish dinner recipes are also baked, broiled, sautéed, and grilled. And that’s when Husband and I started incorporating more fish and seafood into our diet.   
We also learned the secret to making fish is to realize that it very easy to overcook. For most seafood and fish recipes, you just need to lightly sauté seafood at a low to medium heat to heat it through. Cooking fish any longer or at a higher temperature or both is s how you end up with dry or rubbery fish fillets on your plate.
Guess how I know?

20 of the Best  Fish Dinner Recipes You Have to Try!

I put together a round of some of the best quick fish recipes on the Internet for you to try.  Enjoy!

1. Copycat Captain D’s Crunchy Battered Fish – This Silly Girl’s Life

2. Rosemary Garlic Salmon Recipe – Lazy Budget Chef

3. Flounder Spinach Pepper and Mushroom Bake – Lazy Budget Chef

4. Brazilian Fish Stew – Dizzy Busy and Hungry!

5. Honey Glazed Salmon  – Damn Delicious

6. Pesto Tilapia – Confessions of an Overworked Mom

7.  Deliciously Easy Slow Baked Salmon – Dear Creatives

8. 10 Minute Tom Yum Fish Ball Noodle Soup – Anyonita Nibbles

9. Cheddar Jack & Bacon Breaded Shrimp with Quinoa – Amanda’s Cookin'

10. Beaucoup seafood chowder – Motiva Beaucoup

11. Perfectly Seared Scallops – Baker by Nature

12. Maryland Crab Cakes – Tide and Thyme

13. Baked Tilapia and Vegetable Casserole – Natasha’s Kitchen

14. Broccoli-stuffed sole – Better Homes and Gardens

15. Skinny Baja Fish Tacos – The Wanderlust Kitchen

16. Tuna Rigatoni with Sun-Dried Tomatoes – Eat Yourself Skinny

17. Seafood gratin – Annie’s Eats

18. Long John Silver's Fish Batter – Food (Long John Silver’s is a rare family guilty pleasure)

19. Crispy Oven-Fried Cod – Food

20.  Baked Whitefish and Vegetables – Olga’s Flavor Factory

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