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Quick and Easy Whole Wheat Irish Soda Bread Recipe

Coffee and whole wheat toast are one of my breakfast mainstays. St. Patrick’s Day is coming up so why not whip up a loaf of Irish Soda Bread one of the greatest gifts this Lazy Budget Chef (who can’t proof bread to save her life) has ever known – the bread machine. As luck would have it I have more whole wheat flour than white and more raisins than normal because I went to a bulk bin without a container and bought more raisin than I thought. No problem. I’ll make a Irish style whole wheat bread featuring those those happy raisins sitting in my kitchen. I am using the bread machine to make and proof the dough for this recipe and baking the bread in the oven because I want the round shape of a traditional Irish style bread. You can bake it that way or you can bake the whole wheat Irish bread from start to finish in a bread machine. It will taste just the same although I personally think baking bread in the bread maker makes it a little more dense than when I bake bread machine do

Chocolate Chunk Easter Bunny Cookies

I got an expected and early Easter gift. A solid milk chocolate Easter bunny hopped into a basket and landed on my doorstep.

I shouldn’t eat milk chocolate because it contains lactose (although dark chocolate is fine.) It isn’t that I don’t like milk chocolate. Large quantities of milk chocolate don’t always like me. Sad face.

Refusing the gift from Hershey would be rude and a crime against chocolate.

Let me be clear. I go out of my way not to commit crimes. I just do not have the time for such a time consuming hobby like that. There’s the plotting. And the sneaking. Eventually there is the running from the investigators of the eight thousand CSI shows out there. I do not want to even think about the awful cheap hotels that I would stay in while on the lam! Shudder

Not to mention, it always ends in a new wardrobe of black and white stripy pajamas and let me tell you I look horrible in horizontal stripes.

So here I have this milk chocolaty treat staring at me with his little chocolate eye daring me to wolf it down in one sitting and pay the upset stomach price the following day.

 Did I mention this iss a solid milk chocolate bunny 
and not one of those sad hollow chocolate bunnies?

Sure I could break bits off little Mr. Snapsy and eat it over time in stomach pleasing portions but I don’t have that much willpower when it comes to chocolate.  

Passing the bunny off to Husband isn’t a good solution. I at least want the pleasure of snapping the little rascal’s ears off. The bunny I mean. Not Husband’s ears.

I decided to spread the chocolate bunny love in lactose intolerant pleasing portions.

I cut the bunny’s head off and chunked him up the with a pair of kitchen shears because using a knife seemed too vicious. In addition, the big kitchen knife was dirty and the kitchen shears were right in front of me in the knife block on the counter, so there's that.

I pulled a basic chocolate chip cookie recipe and substituted the wimpy chocolate chips it called for with big Easter Bunny chocolate chunks.

Chocolate chunk Easter Bunny cookies!

Win. Win. Win. Winny de win win!

The big bunny hunks in the cookies are a crowd pleaser. So much so, I plan to buy a few and freeze them to use for future chocolate chip cookie emergencies. Or, since it just came to me as I type, try using big chocolate bunny hunks in summer s’mores?! Oh the possibilities! Mr. Snapsy, you and I are going to be such good friends! 

Of course you can just eat it as is. There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s what we plan to do with the rest of the candy in our Easter basket.
If you are still stuck for Easter craft, recipes, and inspiration (minus the hacking of a chocolate bunny) check out  Celebrate with Hershey’s and hop down the Hershey’s Bunny Trail where many of your favorite bloggers will be sharing their own Easter traditions, memories, and stories.

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Disclosure: Hershey's sent me a sample basket of goodies and I really do look bad in horizontal stripes.


Sandra said…
Now that's a great idea, YUM.
Anonymous said…
Very fun read. We find a way when it comes to chocolate don't we? I am guilty of eating the Easter chocolate that I by for my kids before Easter and having to buy more. I can't help myself. Have a wonderful Easter! Visiting from Trans. Thurs. Blessings, Wanda