Lazy Budget Chef: Baking Soda Mason Jar Shaker

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Baking Soda Mason Jar Shaker

Baking soda is one of the hardest working ingredients in my house. I have a box in the pantry for baking and cooking. I also have one box of baking soda in the freezer and one in the refrigerator to deodorize them. I hate a stinky fridge!

I change the boxes in the refrigerator and freezer every 30 days or so – mostly or so. Not out of laziness but out of eventually-shoved-in-the-back-of-the-fridge forgetfulness. Oops.

To make my life easier because you know I’m all about easy (oh my! That doesn’t sound very good) and to keep the open box of baking soda from spilling because I’m all about klutzy too, I made a baking soda shaker from a mason jar.

I cut the netting from a bag of fresh garlic to fit inside a Mason jar ring. I filled the jar with baking soda and screwed the DIY shaker top onto the jar.

 DIY shaker top

I made and Mod Podged a fancy pants label onto the front of the shaker jar to remind everyone this is baking soda for cleaning and not for cooking. The shaker top makes it even easier to shake, shake, shake the old baking soda on my mess to clean it.

I may pour some baking soda down the sink to 
deoderize the drains but it rarely needs the entire box.

After 30 days, the baking soda isn’t great for cooking or deodorizing but it still works for cleaning! I use baking soda to clean:

  • Baking soda and a sploosh of dishwashing detergent makes a great scouring cleaner. It deodorizes the drain as you rinse it from the sink – the lazy way!
  • Allowing a pan to soak filled with baking soda and water will make cleaning baked on food much easier! Sometimes if the pan is bad, I add a sploosh of dish soap.
  • A foaming baking soda and vinegar reaction cleans my oven door better than anything I buy in a store (and trust me, I’ve tried everything.)
  • A foaming baking soda and vinegar reaction followed by hot water will clear a clogged sink better than Drano.

Trying to get an extra use out of the things we use is one more tactic I use to save money. Using baking soda for cleaning may not save me a ton, unless you want to count the cost of not paying for spendy eco-friendly scrubs and cleaners.

How do you use baking soda?