Lazy Budget Chef: My Thanksgiving Tofurky

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Thanksgiving Tofurky

Tofurky. It sounds like the punch line to some sort of food joke, doesn’t it?

And yet I ate it. Not only did I eat it but I enjoyed it.

Last Thanksgiving Husband and I decided to do something different and made a Tofurky for Thanksgiving instead of the traditional turkey.

From the size of the box, you’d think a Tofurky would be fairly large.

I saved the box to use to wrap my gift for this year's White Elephant Gift Exchange Party.

Not really. A Tofurky is size of a grapefruit. It comes with a container of gravy that is about the same size as the Tofurky itself.
That's it?!

 How to Cook Tofurky

Baking the Tofurky was easier than a real turkey. I surrounded it with pealed and cut potatoes, onions, and carrots and popped it into the oven for a few hours.

Tofurky ready for the oven

Blitzkrieg supervised all Tofurky preparations.

I’ll eat that if you won’t!

The Tofurky browned nicely in the oven.

I served the Tofurky with sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli, and corn and molasses bread.

I have to admit the most fun thing about the Tofurky experience was live tweeting our Tofurky preparations. More than one of my Twitter followers suggested that eating the box might be more appetizing eating the actual Tofurky.

How Does Turkey Taste?

It was difficult to believe that the Tofurky and gravy weren’t made with real meat because it sure tasted like turkey. The Tofurky tasted like turkey roll.

Tofurky didn’t have that tangy soy endnote that is often found in soy meat flavored lunchmeats. A Tofurky won’t exactly replace the taste of a real turkey. However the it tasted was good and I would eat it again.

Have you ever had Tofurkey?