Monday, July 22, 2013

Lavender Sugar Recipe

Lavender is the only plant that survived our clay garden soil disasters. Not only have my lavender bushes survived but they are now huge,  thriving bushes that attract the fattest bumble bees around. Yay!

My secret is to cut the lavender back as often as possible. Since I don't want my fresh cut lavender to go to waste, I'm always on the hunt for things to do with lavender. I use it to make lavender essential oil, to keep moths away in our closets, to make lavender sugar scrub, and now something I've been dying to try - use dried lavender in cooking and baking. Yes! You can eat lavender flowers!

The easiest way to cook with lavender is to make lavender infused sugar and use the lavender sugar in your favorite recipe. Lavender sugar adds a savory touch to my Scottish Shortbread and it looks like I spent big bucks and tons of time on something I already have on hand that I let sit until I remembered to use it.

How to Make Lavender Sugar

Lavender looks pretty too!

You will need:

2 cups white sugar

1 tablespoon dried lavender (if you do not have a lavender bush, you can buy culinary lavender here.)


Glass container with a lid (plastic will end up smelling like lavender forever.)

Make it:

1. Crush/blend the dried lavender to release the oil. I usually put most of the lavender in the blender for better flavor distribution and leave some of it whole so it looks pretty when I give lavender sugar as a gift.

2. Mix the lavender and sugar together, pour it into the glass container, and top with the lid

3. Allow the lavender to infuse the sugar by putting in to a cool dark place for two weeks or so. I put mine in the pantry.

4. After two weeks or so, open the jar and use your lavender sugar in place of white sugar in your favorite recipe.

Lavender sugar makes a easy and elegant gift for your favorite foodie too!

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