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Easy Never Fail Mincemeat Pie Recipe

On holidays my grandmother always made a mincemeat pie for my father and grandfather to enjoy. As a culinary curious little kid, I tried a small slice, and from then and there when given the choice, I fell headfirst into the Mince Pie camp. Many years later a well meaning person dumped a jar of mincemeat pie filling into a pie crust to present me with my favorite holiday pie. I appreciated the gesture. But it didn’t taste the same. It was too tart and missing the delicious flavor I remembered from the good mince pies I ate in the past. I figured the good mincemeat pie filling I remembered had to be made from scratch and looked for mincemeat pie recipes. I quickly learned that making mince pie filing takes several not readily available ingredients and has a recommended up to two week marinade time before it is ready for Pie Time.  Nope. Sorry. Even with splitting the holiday dinner making duties with my husband, I can’t see that happening for dessert. Until. A friend shared his s

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