Lazy Budget Chef: Giant Goat Cheese Giveaway!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Giant Goat Cheese Giveaway!

I might have been a mouse in a former life.

I miss cheese. I haven’t found a good lactose free substitute.

Since I can’t give up cheese entirely, I try to eat only well made and unusual flavors of cheese. My taste buds love the treat, I get my cheese fix, and it does not happen often enough (no longer several times a day) to mess with my stomach.

That means I can still enjoy pizza, my go to I don’t feel like cooking/I don’t know what to make/we have to clean out the fridge/I want something quick and easy meal. Although now our pizzas look a little more like this: Montchevre  Bucheron goat cheese, shrimp, and sun dried tomatoes pizza on a whole wheat pizza crust.

My apologies for the Instagram photo. I didn’t have time to grab the camera
 because we dove into the pizza as soon as it came out of the oven! 

This may look and taste like a very expensive pizza but it isn’t. I made the whole wheat pizza crust in the bread maker (get my whole wheat pizza crust recipe here.) I dried last summer’s garden tomatoes in dehydrator as well as the basil. I usually have Aldi frozen shrimp in the freezer. That leaves just the cost of the cheese, which I can put the money I saved on the rest of the ingredients toward the goat cheese.

Best. Experiment. Ever. I am never going back to mozzarella on a pizza again. It’s goat cheese for me!

Goat cheese must be low on the lactose because I can tolerate goat cheese better when I forget to take my lactose digesting enzymes (which don’t always work for me so I forget to take them.)

I’m going to stick with Montchevre goat cheese because Montchevre makes more than one type of goat cheese. I knew there were flavored goat cheeses like cranberry and garlic and herb and the like but I did not know you could make brie (my favorite!), Bucheron, feta, and cheddar cheese with goat cheese too. I see more goat milk cheese in my lactose intolerant that tolerates goat cheese future.

Husband and I almost fought over the goat milk cheddar sticks. So good!

When I found out Montchevre does social good by creating their products using sustainable and environmentally friendly practices like converting their industrial waste from their manufacturing with an anaerobic digester into electricity to power their company my little green heart did the happy dance. When I found out the Montchevre also sponsors an orphanage in Ghana, I wanted to give their goats a hug. Unfortunately, I can’t hug their goats because Montchevre buys their goat milk from small goat farms in the US. I guess I’ll have to support them by buying their yummy cheeses instead. Fine by me.

Montchevre Goat Cheese Giveaway 

Montchevre and The Balancing Act are sponsoring a giveaway of their amazing cheese on Lazy Budget Chef. Trust me gang you want to enter this giveaway! I am giving away one assortment of Montchevre cheeses like the assortment I got to sample.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway runs from February 20 – to March 3, 2013. I will use a random number generator to select the winner. Good Luck!

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