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Get a Free 90 Day Trial Membership to BJ’s Wholesale Club

 Hands up. Who likes saving money by buying in bulk?

Who wants to try saving money by buying in bulk before buying a membership to a wholesale club?

If you live in Ohio, you can do just that. BJ's Wholesale Club recently kicked off their Free Trial Membership Program in Ohio. This year they’ve upped the ante and will be offering the Cleveland community a 90-day trial membership instead of the 60-day trial membership they have in years past to shop the clubs.


I think it's because BJ's loves us lovely little Buckeyes more than any other nut in any other state. In reality BJ's Wholesale Club is tying the promotion into the upcoming National Presidential Election Day (not to mention Halloween and Thanksgiving) and that Ohio is nicknamed “the Mother of Presidents” because Ohio has produced more U.S. presidents than any other state. Pretty cool history factoid, eh?

Ohioans can activate a free BJ's 90 trial membership between now and December 31 by visiting the BJ’s service desk at any of BJ’s six Ohio clubs.  You will receive full membership benefits during the trail period.

I gotta say I was impressed with the selection and prices of what they offer on my visit to BJ's Warehouse.

Husband was impressed with the price of the big ol' bottle of olive oil I bought.

Double win.

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