Lazy Budget Chef: Could You Use a Military Makeover?

Monday, July 4, 2011

Could You Use a Military Makeover?

One of my extra blogging gigs is writing for the Lifetime TV show The Balancing Act. The producers of The Balancing Act’s sister show Designing Spaces is doing home makeovers for military family as a thank you for all of their hard work and sacrifice with their new project called Project Makeover.

If you are or know of a military family who could use a little rebuild, remodel, redecorate, or retrofit apply or nominate a family for a Designing Spaces Military Makeover using this link.

Designing Spaces is open to any type of military family and situation. The soldier coming home for the first time, the home of a family who is surviving a long deployment,the family who has lost a loved one in battle, or the home of a spouse who has become the caregiver to their loved one injured in war.

I’m not being paid to tell you about this or to encourage you nominate a family. I think it’s important to say thank you to the people and their families who allowed to celebrate Independence Day yesterday.

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