Lazy Budget Chef: I'm Afraid of Canning

Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm Afraid of Canning

Hi, my name is Lisa and I have a confession.

Canning food intimidates me.

Yes, the woman who jumped at the chance to use a jackhammer . The person who used a big honking rototiller and didn’t chop off her feet. The girl who’s new profile picture would have been on the roof of her house if her husband was not concerned about her falling and breaking her head open.

Yet, preserving food in the kitchen – stereotypical woman’s work if you will - scares the bajeezes out of me because if I do it wrong, I could wipe out my family with botulism.

No pressure.


From what I’ve read, it sounds like you need all sorts of expensive equipment to can. Pressure cookers, jar lifters, jar cages for the water bath thingies. I hate to invest a bunch of money in something I might only do once. Because, you know, if the botulism thing happens.

I’m generally a rule breaker in the kitchen (I put peppermint in my fruit salad and won raves.) I’m afraid that if I break any of the you musts and you shoulds I’ll ruin a whole mess of food.

I freeze food  because the failure rate is so much less than with canning. Unless we have a multiday blackout.

I think you need heaps of fruit to can, don't you? As a kid, I remember my mom canning grape and strawberry jam in that go big or go home way of hers. We didn’t have to buy jelly for years. She only did it once because we had so much food afterwards.

How much fruit do you really need to make jelly? Am I being silly about my canning fears?

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