Lazy Budget Chef: The Replacement Anchor Hocking Glass Storage Container Lid Hack They Don’t Want You to Know!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Replacement Anchor Hocking Glass Storage Container Lid Hack They Don’t Want You to Know!

As my BPA free plastic food storage containers cracked, stained, or leaked beyond practical use, I replaced them with glass Pyrex and Anchor Hocking food storage containers even though I was concerned about smashing them to bits because dropping things is my superpower.

For many years we put our trusty glass storage containers to heavy use.  I’m happy to say I haven’t broken one. Eventually the plastic lids on the Anchor Hocking containers began to crack and split while the Pyrex glass storage container lids did not.

You can buy replacement plastic lids from Anchor Hocking (aff) but for the price of a new lid, I can buy several new Anchor Hocking containers from a closeout place like Big Lots.Which starts the flimsy container lid cycle all over again.

But truthfully, the real reason why I have bought replacement lids (trying to be less wasteful and all that jazz) is I kept forgetting to buy replacement lids from Anchor Hocking.

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On a trip to check out the Pretending to Be an Outlet Mall, I remembered to take my cracked Anchor Hocking storage container lids with me to see if, as I suspected, the plastic lids to my Anchor Hocking glass storage containers are the same size as the replacement glass storage container lids for sale at the Pyrex outlet store.

And they are! Take a look.

Both companies swear up and down the lids can't be switched 
but they are the same size!

Now I have the best of both worlds. Locally made Anchor Hocking glass food containers with super sturdy Pyrex plastic lids. Yay! I feel like I just married one of the Hatfield's to one of the McCoy's.

The Pyrex replacement lids cost much less and are in my opinion more durable than the Anchor Hocking replacement lids. The price of the lids from the Pyrex Outlet Store are pretty much the same as ordering replacement Pyrex glass container replacement lids from Amazon (especially scene we get free shipping with Amazon Prime) (aff) which is to be expected since most of the stores in outlet malls aren’t the bargain hunter's paradise they used to be.

In the future I’ll probably order replacement storage container lids from Amazon but it’s nice to know my theory was correct with an in person trip to the store. (And my Husband DID get a deal on his spendy running shoes so the trip was really worth it.)

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