Lazy Budget Chef: Do You Take Vitamins?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Do You Take Vitamins?

As a kid, my mom struggled to get me to eat breakfast because as they say, it is the most important meal of the day.

Greasy breakfast sandwiches and breakfast drinks do a number of my stomach and uh, digestive track (to be polite.) I was always more interested in the prize in the box than downing a bowl of soggy cereal in the morning.

Mom quickly introduced me to multivitamins a at my pediatrician’s suggestion. I had issues of being tired all the time due to a lack of a complete breakfast food. My new set of PALS made a difference in how I felt.

I don’t remember this commercial. I vaguely remember the song they sing though.

I gave up multivitamins in college. Part due to testing the new wings of independence, part financial, part not knowing which one to buy. I knew I was too old for cartoon character vitamins and too young for the brands I saw on TV marketed to old people.

Guess what? Those issues of being tired all of the time came back. Many round of doctor’s visits, pokes, prods, and tests later the conclusion was pretty much the same – take a multivitamin to make for the deficient of vitamins I wasn’t getting in my diet.

What?! A college student’s diet of air popped popcorn, cafeteria pizza, and dorm room mac and cheese isn’t a complete diet?

As an adult, I’m still not a big breakfast food person. For example, I heated up leftover homemade curry and couscous for this morning’s breakfast. My diet is much better than it was during my college days. Goodbye greasy food and overly processed foods and hello whole grains, low sugar, low fat, fresh vegetables, with a condiment of meat for fun.

I kept the popcorn. A girl needs at least one snacky vice. I pop it on the stove and sprinkle it with oregano. Yummers!

I also kept the vitamins.

They make a difference. At least to me they do.

Do you take vitamins? Why or why not?

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  1. I take a daily vitamin/mineral supplement because I think it's an easy, inexpensive way to cover the nutritional bases, especially as far as some of the "trace" vitamins and minerals go. I have sometimes heard that vitamin tablets are a waste of money as they don't digest in your system before they are eliminated, but an easy way to check is to put one tablet in a glass of water and see if it dissolves. I haven't had a brand yet that didn't dissolve in just a couple of minutes!


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