Lazy Budget Chef: May is Egg Month! Who Knew?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May is Egg Month! Who Knew?

I open my in box and find emails informing me of all sorts of holidays I never knew existed. National Ice Cream Day? Yep we have one. National Kidney Month? That too. We even celebrate breakfast in the merry merry month of May with National Egg Month!

I’m not exactly sure how you’re supposed to celebrate National Egg Month. A month of souffles?

I could go with our old in joke. The Egg Council had a huge billboard next to the state fairgrounds that proclaimed “I LOVE EGGS!” It became a thing to work it into conversations as Husband and I drove past the billboard or saw a semi truck with I LOVE EGGS  painted on the side. 

For example, 

Husband: Now where are we going again?

Me: We need to zip past the fairground, turn right I LOVE EGGS! It's the third house on the left.

 Nah. Actions like that leads Husband to promise me gifts of heavy sedition and straight jackets.

Given our personal, “I LOVE EGGS” in-joke, I'll watch Edie screech about her love of eggs in this clip from Pink Flamingos.

Eggs. Love them or hate them? What is your favorite way to eat them? How would you celebrate Egg Month?

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  1. Love eggs and will definitely eat lots this month. Not because it's egg month. Because I always do!

  2. Haha didn't know this was a "thing". I've been getting into egg whites the past 3 months and don't miss the yolks quite the way I thought I would.


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